Under The Counter Blog

My Personal Project Log.

The ToDo List

  • Python Reddit Bot – hoping to be a pest with a snarky comment bot.  Haven’t been able to come up with anything really all that clever. I thought of “inappropriate boobie bot” to spam NSFW imgur links (properly tagged of course), but don’t want to get into any shit.  The main thing holding me back on this is a lack of motivation .  Will save for a rainy day.
  • Solar USB charger – finished a solar AA battery charger recently.  it was dead simple and pretty nifty and I am looking forward to getting further into solar power applications.  Funds are the main barrier here.
  • Echo Base Guitar Delay Effect – I have all the bits for this…I ordered them a while a go.  Just need to get over my aversion to cutting stripboard and lack of motivation.  Maybe I should look into amphetamines…
  • Note to self; develop adderal habit
  • Enter Ludum Dare – this is something I’ve wanted to do since I started programming last year.   I started learning GameMaker for the explicit purpose of entering this April, but my attentions took me elsewhere.   Might do the jam instead.  Must remember; good or not, a finished thing is always better than N0Thing
  • more to come…

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